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Storm - TV Babes Fan - 23-07-2011

Storm TV can be found on Sky channel 966 (this is the channel that used to be Club Paradiso).

Is Storm an impovement? - tesla - 08-11-2011

Is Storm TV an improvement on Sky channel 966? I can't see that anything has changed since they took it over from Club Paradiso. I was expecting to see some changes but nothing at all seems to have happened.

RE: Is Storm an impovement? - ingleby - 12-11-2011

I guess any improvements will take time, but they seem to have more girls on than they used to. If so that is in itself a big improvement because only one girl on most evenings was really holding that channel back.

RE: Is Storm an impovement? - event horizon - 11-12-2011

Yes they definitely have more girls on, which is just as well as the one girl shows in the days of Club Paradiso meant frequent breaks when nobody was onscreen at all. Storm is a big improvement on that situation. Smile

RE: Is Storm an impovement? - pressganged pete - 22-12-2011

just one girl a night was really hurting that channel was it was club paradiso and i couldn't see how it would last then, it makes a lot of sense to at least try and make a reasonable impact instead of looking to keep the wagebill down the club paradiso way and the only way you can do that is to have at least 2 girls every night. anyway the girls they have on are really decent so nobody can say they don't have the girls to really give it a good go.

RE: Storm 966 - The Captain - 03-07-2012

Following changes to the Sky EPG this week, Storm can now be found on Sky channel 939.

RE: Storm 966 - Black Dog - 09-03-2013

For those who want to call in the cost of calls to Storm is currently 25p a minute.

RE: Storm 966 - dooter26 - 12-06-2013

Funny you should mention that, I was browsing the channels last night and I noticed the 25p a min call charge! To be honest I wondered if that was right and no catch? Has anyone here called them at this price?

RE: Storm 966 - frederick titchbourne - 13-06-2013

Yes it's true, 25p a min and when I called I got through to the girl on screen without any trouble. Smile

RE: Storm - Black Dog - 03-04-2014

Storm have added to their strong roster of girls by signing up Penny Lee.