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Elite TV fanmail address. - ledders69 - 20-06-2011

Considering i can't afford to phone down to my circumstances i was wondering with what the Elite TV fanmail address was?Huh

RE: Elite TV fanmail address. - squall line - 21-06-2011

Write to your favourite Elite babe here:

Elite TV
PO Box 57994
W4 4QG

RE: Elite TV fanmail address. - ledders69 - 21-06-2011

(21-06-2011, 11:12 AM)squall line Wrote: Write to your favourite Elite babe here:

Elite TV
PO Box 57994
W4 4QG

Thanks very much.

Elite TV music - bagieahold - 03-10-2011

dear forum members and friends could you please send the name of cd played on elite nights. tv channel date friday 23d/ 9 2011 so. As. Love. To. Go an buy the the. Cd it has great tracks. I'm in awe of that. Elite nights tv channel girls are beauty! Keep up the great! work producers thank you everyone for taking time to reading my message yours sinscerly bagieahold, your man on the sofa watching Elite nights tv. Smile

RE: Elite TV music - The Eyes Have It - 17-10-2011

Hello bagieahold

I believe this is the music played on Elite Nights on 23 September:

Ed case

MC sez


Elite Nights - pressganged pete - 04-11-2011

good news for fans of lilly, it looks like her trial for elite tv was a success and she's now been taken on permanently, i'd say this is a good outcome for elite nights which will now have a special added ingredient.

Studio 66 TV - The Captain - 02-08-2012

Elite TV has been renamed and is now Studio 66 TV. The channel information on Sky will change on Mon 6 Aug.

RE: Studio 66 TV - Vimalot - 24-08-2012

I don't like that name at all. It just doesn't have much of a ring to it. Even after 3 weeks with the new name Studio 66 still sounds like an odd name for a TV channel.

RE: Elite Nights - porewitt - 29-08-2012

I think the American girls are being overdone on this channel. It was a good idea when it started but I don't think it works the same when they are American guest stars on all the time.

RE: Elite Nights - polowdon11 - 08-09-2012

From my recent viewing they seem to have eased off with the guest stars. I agree it was being overdone.