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Ella Mai
Ella Mai

[Image: image-926A_5313AD3C.jpg]

Picture from APD Nudes.
[Image: image-FEC5_532B9EC8.jpg]
Ella Mai was a good signing for Babestation, as I always thought she was one of the better girls at Studio 66.
[Image: 4cc7f5396484334.jpg] [Image: e3d5e9396484358.jpg] [Image: 8336d0396484367.jpg] [Image: b128c9396484374.jpg] [Image: 47987f396484381.jpg] [Image: 64a158396484394.jpg] [Image: 6550d3396484400.jpg] [Image: be3034396484407.jpg] [Image: 386a60396484418.jpg] [Image: f74107396484520.jpg]
[Image: cd040c400023589.jpg] [Image: 6c2355400023603.jpg] [Image: 08e4ba400023611.jpg]
[Image: cd040c400028535.jpg] [Image: 6c2355400028566.jpg] [Image: 08e4ba400028583.jpg] [Image: 404e22400028598.jpg] [Image: 3c76dd400028616.jpg] [Image: eb0b1d400028635.jpg] [Image: ae064c400028649.jpg] [Image: 7e901a400028666.jpg] [Image: d0f9a7400028677.jpg] [Image: 1b35f6400028740.jpg] [Image: ababf3400028758.jpg]
[Image: 0ffcf0401699306.jpg] [Image: cfa829401699338.jpg] [Image: bd7443401699408.jpg] [Image: 10799d401699452.jpg] [Image: 5c1890401699470.jpg] [Image: 007555401699493.jpg] [Image: 76546f401699504.jpg] [Image: ce6ce5401699526.jpg] [Image: 816fba401699545.jpg] [Image: 3b9e10401699568.jpg] [Image: 733c93401699587.jpg] [Image: 622266401699615.jpg]
[Image: fc5e7a405958450.jpg] [Image: e360a8405958461.jpg] [Image: ae31b0405958472.jpg] [Image: d6ebb1405958479.jpg] [Image: 5f87d1405958485.jpg] [Image: 2c0c67405958496.jpg] [Image: ebb9ac405958506.jpg] [Image: 3d2ad7405958522.jpg] [Image: 36047a405958536.jpg] [Image: d09fe8405958550.jpg] [Image: ba8f16405958565.jpg] [Image: b10903405958580.jpg] [Image: 913787405958591.jpg] [Image: f7bc77405958598.jpg]
I see Ella has transferred from Babestation to Sin TV, another experienced signing for them which they seem to favour.
[Image: dab7b4415100738.jpg] [Image: 545a5c415100745.jpg] [Image: 895450415100751.jpg] [Image: 7a6365415100759.jpg] [Image: ebd818415100762.jpg] [Image: 15ef80415100771.jpg] [Image: b6cd54415100776.jpg] [Image: 4374f8415100782.jpg] [Image: 54ecf6415100787.jpg] [Image: c20ec3415100791.jpg] [Image: 83e7e6415100795.jpg] [Image: 845b0c415100799.jpg] [Image: d1d3aa415100802.jpg] [Image: e1588e415100805.jpg] [Image: c28bd6415100809.jpg] [Image: 5a137a415100815.jpg] [Image: 1f0d7f415100818.jpg] [Image: 6b8691415100824.jpg] [Image: c98696415100831.jpg] [Image: 3e7d25415100835.jpg] [Image: a5bc8d415100839.jpg]