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Preeti Young
More Preeti.

[Image: image-CA73_503BD44E.jpg]
Preeti and Priya's time on Babestation has come to an end, as they are now to appear on Red Light Central.
Preeti and Priya

[Image: image-29B9_530A9F99.jpg]

Official Preeti and Priya
After 4 months on Red Light we find that Preeti has returned to Babestation - good news for Babestation!
[Image: image-4166_530AA63E.jpg]
According to what the twins said it was too much travelling time to keep going to Bristol and that's why they left Red Light. Priya has gone to the USA apparently whilst Preeti has returned to Babestation.
[Image: image-EF5A_530AAA58.jpg]
I don't think it was going well for them anyway on Red Light Central. Babestation suits them better. I had a feeling from the start that they weren't going to last long on the Red Light channels.
Preeti's been pretty impressive since she returned to Babestation. Great nude in the office show the other night. Smile
Preeti - now left RLC and back at Babestation.

[Image: image-10D5_526DC9F0.jpg]