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Fantasy Village Diary 2015
Glamour Stars Live presents HARLEY G

On Tuesday 1 December at 21:30 GMT

Sexy Lingerie Striptease

Hey naughty boys!!
Come and join me while I'm wearing some sexy black lingerie with classic hold up stockings watch as I effortlessly pose and shake my thing for you!!!
I will slowly tease you with cheeky chat and naughty poses as I take off my clothes for you !!

This will be one of my naughtiest shows yet!

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 10 credits
Glamour Stars Live presents CHANTAL FOX

On Wednesday 9 December at 21:30 GMT

Sexy Cat Woman - DEBUT SHOW

My favourite material is leather, and this is why I’ve decided to do my debut show in a sexy black leather cat suit as a Cat Woman. I’ll be wearing a very tight leather costume with black high kinky boots. When I start teasing you, purring gently as I start to unzip my cat woman outfit, you may start to feel your wild side taking over. As I show you more of what is hidden under the leather, I purr with pleasure. Maybe you will get so excited that you jump out from your chair and run to help me to unzip it faster… and faster! Wow, I can see you are a really excited cat now. Meow! Can’t wait to meet you live on a hot tin roof xx

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 15 credits
Fantasy Village presents SALLY BENSON

On Friday 18 December at 21:00 GMT


Join me tonight and we'll step back in time as I perform a traditional burlesque striptease for you!

I'll take off my frilly skirt, with a matching corset and sheer stockings. I'll move to the seductive music and pose for you in my high heels, before slowly teasing my way out of my outfit, revealing a cheeky surprise under the corset.

Burlesque dancers normally stop here, but not me! I'll show you what I'm hiding under my corset!

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 15 credits
Fantasy Village presents KATIE BOND

On Monday 21 December at 22:00 GMT

Santa's show girl with international burlesque artist

I want to make sure that Santa will come to me early this year, and what better way than to treat him to something naughty. My plan is to do a very special show for him, and I’d love you to come and judge if you think it will be naughty enough for him. I will start in a red burlesque costume with flashing diamonds all around, red gloves on and feather fans in my hands. I will move slowly to the music as I strip, piece by piece, from my sexy Santa outfit. How much will I reveal from behind the feathers? There is only one way to find out. But trust me, it will be much more fun that a glass of sherry and a carrot! Smile xx

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 15 credits
Fantasy Village presents NIKKI LEE

On Tuesday 22 December at 21:30 GMT

Saved by the Baywatch Santa!

As it's Christmas I'm in the mood to slip on my hot and sexy red swimsuit, but its not just a swimsuit in the colour of Santa Claus! It's a Baywatch swimsuit! Complete with jacket and float! So who needs saving then? Dive into my sexy live show tonight and I'll see what I can do.

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 10 credits
Fantasy Village presents JO EVANS - Debut Show

On Tuesday 29 December at 20:00 GMT

Lingerie Tease

This is my debut show so come and help me to to give you an unforgettable naughty experience. I will be wearing my favourite lingerie, make sure you get a ticket so you can join me to see what it is!

Length: 20 minutes

Price: 15 credits
That brings us to the end of the shows for 2015. There is a new thread for 2016 bringing you the GlamourStarsLive lineups for the year ahead.