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Lilly Roma
Video from 28.10.10 - 5am - 5:30am Smile

[Image: siXnt_s_577956.jpg]

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Gorgeous Radiant Amazing Compelling Immaculate Exotic
48 hours later... just after 5am... Smile

[Image: image-950E_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-E9B7_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-ACF1_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-FE8C_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-0682_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-D84A_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-D057_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-7870_50D72EF2.jpg] [Image: image-009E_50D72F5F.jpg] [Image: image-BCCC_50D72F5F.jpg]

Also view or download here.
Gorgeous Radiant Amazing Compelling Immaculate Exotic
A good one to start with!

[Image: image-A508_51183414.jpg]

Lilly Roma website
[Image: image-7E57_51392F36.jpg]

Lilly Roma website
I'm not sure where she was but Lilly was missing for about a month, but has been cracking since her return. Studio 66 must be glad to have her back because she's really livened up their schedules. Smile
I agree, Lilly is better than ever. She must be a contender for Studio 66's best ever signing. Heart
Lilly Roma is another girl that Babestation's lost and since she moved elsewhere she's just got better and better.
Lilly in white latex.

[Image: image-4004_5275C1D2.jpg]
Only Tease presents Lilly Roma.

[Image: image-6C3F_52883A8D.jpg]
[Image: image-5B47_52D9E15F.jpg]

Lilly Roma website