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Live Sex Latinas
I've not really paid much attention to the live Latina show until recently, as I always thought it was a novelty more than anything and wouldn't last, just as other latina shows have been shortlived. But checking it out a few times in the last couple of weeks the girls are always busy.
I've called several of the girls on there and found them to be as good as the UK girls on babe shows. Don't under estimate them. Smile
I wouldn't put Latinas on the same level as Unleashed. I'm not saying it's not any good, but it's just that Latinas hasn't got a big selection of girls.
I gather that Lorena isn't there anymore, which is a pity as she was far and away their best babe.

She was a lovely girl. She even gave me some Spanish lessons. Smile
This show may only have 5 girls, but all of them are excellent and demonstrate that you don't need a big roster to make a big impact.