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Kara De La Hoyde
Friday 13 March

[Image: image-4D50_550436BA.jpg]
[Image: 16b2b6400456342.jpg] [Image: c12477400456349.jpg] [Image: 9e37e8400456368.jpg] [Image: 1cd312400456381.jpg] [Image: 7ecc8f400456393.jpg] [Image: dcf9e1400456404.jpg] [Image: 27d896400456416.jpg] [Image: 1903c9400456427.jpg] [Image: bd6a4a400456439.jpg] [Image: 0dd71f400456451.jpg] [Image: 5fff59400456460.jpg] [Image: 372287400456468.jpg]
[Image: 0c6d32400482235.jpg] [Image: 0ed803400482254.jpg] [Image: 4cc743400482276.jpg] [Image: 4e0a20400482318.jpg] [Image: c8aaf7400482334.jpg] [Image: faac9e400482364.jpg] [Image: dbf729400482392.jpg] [Image: 43aae3400482407.jpg] [Image: e39b83400482417.jpg]
[Image: b34aa2400499483.jpg] [Image: b330ba400499489.jpg] [Image: 3432ab400499492.jpg] [Image: 9bb2c6400499497.jpg] [Image: 8447cd400499506.jpg] [Image: 572782400499520.jpg] [Image: f43947400499529.jpg] [Image: 940a1a400499535.jpg]
[Image: 401954401611193.jpg] [Image: 469a84401611209.jpg] [Image: 088598401611218.jpg] [Image: e3f303401611222.jpg] [Image: 4c90fa401611228.jpg] [Image: cfc2f8401611236.jpg] [Image: ac179c401611264.jpg] [Image: cdf6f7401611288.jpg] [Image: d94d13401611319.jpg] [Image: f87ff7401611339.jpg]
[Image: 3792c4405819740.jpg] [Image: 6f93a7405819753.jpg] [Image: 0aa7a7405819765.jpg] [Image: f5d4db405819779.jpg] [Image: 368bc0405819798.jpg] [Image: 42eb98405819811.jpg] [Image: fa646e405819826.jpg] [Image: bbc5bc405819832.jpg] [Image: 0fc74a405819840.jpg] [Image: 639320405819849.jpg] [Image: 115629405819858.jpg] [Image: 7b30ee405819866.jpg] [Image: 59cd4c405819874.jpg] [Image: 65e8cd405819879.jpg] [Image: bd5633405819892.jpg]
I see Kara has transferred from Studio 66 to Sin TV, not so long after returning to Studio 66 after doing nights for Xtreme Filth.
[Image: 937ca0419563199.jpg] [Image: a73e64419563212.jpg] [Image: 314f2e419563219.jpg] [Image: 06af4b419563244.jpg] [Image: d1ea23419563254.jpg] [Image: f3471a419563270.jpg]
Friday 3 July - back on Studio 66!

[Image: image-1AC0_5597C478.jpg]
[Image: a7e5a9419729920.gif] [Image: 597a2d419729924.gif] [Image: c5be20419729929.gif] [Image: 2f454c419729934.gif] [Image: dd5917419729938.gif]