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Babestation discussion
This is a shocking thing to say but I actually like the music on Babestation at the moment.
Georgie Darby has departed for Red Light Central, but Lily Pink should be back on Babestation soon.
The move to Milton Keynes has probably made it a bit more difficult to recruit, as no doubt there are other girls like Geri who don't want to travel there.
I'm not sure that the move made that much difference. I think the vast majority of girls would not worry about going there to work.
Talking of Milton Keynes, I thought Babestation looked a lot different after they moved there, but it's gradually gone back to how it was before. The only thing I see different now is that the sets are still better than before.
How long has Babestation been in Milton Keynes?
From memory the first broadcast from Milton Keynes was on 4 September, after more than 10 years in London.
Apart from the new sets for the new studio I don't see any difference with Babestation, except that I haven't seen the presenter interrupting with announcements since they moved.
Tiffany's been revitalised the last few weeks. She's not been this lively for a long time. Smile
Tiffany is on Saturday I believe.