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Babestation discussion
(19-12-2014, 08:43 PM)MadCaps Wrote: Summers or Jada might be the first babe I tweet cap on the madcaps twitter tonight Exclamation

If you tag us in on the tweet @tvbabesahoy we will retweet it for you!
So many changes at Babestation in the last few months. Many girls lost to Sin TV, but several replacements signed from Red Light.
Did any of the girls who left to join Sin TV ever return? The only one I've seen back at Babestation is Beth.
Tiffany was invited back too, but she didn't want to travel to Milton Keynes. So it's just Beth.
Jada's back now as well.
I see that Babestation have now followed Studio 66 and introduced the pervcam. I get the impression that Babestation have had some quiet nights recently, so they probably needed to do something like this.
I think the pervcam is only going to be worthwhile for a few of the Babestation girls. That's the problem with it.
Babestation never hire any new girls these days, it's always former girls returning. Look how many girls have rejoined this year. Is it really so impossible to find any new talent?
There's a cull this month, with Amelia, Bex and Keira all leaving, so does this mean that some new girls might come in?
No sign of any new girls. I think Babestation is stagnating at the moment. The whole babe channel format is floundering.