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Fantasy Village / GSL shows
Wicked weekend starts at 22.00

Elle Richie - Vintage Vixen - Friday 19th at 22.00 BST

[Image: tn_149.jpg]

Vintage Vixen

I love vintage-style - it's beautiful and elegant but sexy in a feminine way. Tonight I'll be wearing a black satin evening gown with bright red lipstick. To match my feminine dress I'll be wearing a garter belt and sheer black stockings and I'd love to show you them. I'll lift my long dress to show you my stockings and naughty panties, and i'll tease you in a way that only a vintage pin-up can - slowly and deliberately but eventually showing you exactly what you'd like to see Wink


Megan McGuire - Naughty massage mistress - Saturday 20th at 22.00 BST

[Image: tn_90.jpg]

Naughty massage mistress

I'm training to be a masseuse at the moment, but I'm finding it very hard not to get carried away. Earlier today I practised my new massage skills on a very gorgeous lady - rubbing oil over her soft skin and gorgeous curves I found my mind wandering as I fantasised about stripping off and getting naughty with body oil. Come into my therapy room, and i'll tell you all about it. I'll be wearing a pink massage therapists uniform, white hold-ups and white lingerie with sexy full-back panties. As I tell you all about my sexy job i'll slowly strip off before rubbing oil all over my bare skin. What better way to relax? Wink


This show will be to nude for the same low price of just 10 dollars per ticket, you can also chat to Elle ABSOLUTELY FREE from 21.45 BST. Elle will also be just 2 credits per minute all evening, plus she is offering level 1 (tease) completely FREE

Elle Pharrell - Kinky secretary Sunday 21st at 22.00 BST

[Image: tn_4.jpg]

Kinky secretary

Tonight you're my boss and you know how much I love to tease you when we're at work, wearing sexy outfits that show my cleavage and tight skirts so you can see I'm wearing a garter belt and stockings underneath. But tonight I'm feeling very naughty and i'm going to take it a bit further. I'll start wearing a jacket, satin skirt, tight shirt, tie and glasses. I'll cross and uncross my legs to give you glimpses of my sheer nude stockings and sexy panties. But then I'll surprise you by slipping the panties down. The thought of me fully-clothed but with no panties on will drive you wild, and as I slowly tease you and remove each item of clothing you'll be dying to see me completely nude wearing nothing but stockings and a smile Wink
Weekly Show Schedule - Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th August

[Image: 1274_0.jpg]
Anastasia Harris - Wednesday August 31st at 22.00 BST
[Image: tn_159.jpg]

Boarding School Babe
I was educated at a girls only boarding school - it was very frustrating not being with boys when it was all we could think about! But it was still lots of fun, me and my friends used to practice kissing with each other and we'd often have naked pillow fights. We also used to like wearing kinky lingerie under our prim uniforms and flashing each other. Come along to this show and i'll tell you all about my naughty boarding school days while I slowly strip out of my uniform for you. I'll start wearing a cute check skirt, long white socks, shirt and tie and I'll finish wearing nothing but little red and black panties and a smile Smile


JoJo Shaw - Thursday 1st September at 22.00 BST
[Image: tn_75.jpg]

Shipwrecked Pirate

I've been sailing the seven seas, creating havoc and mischief wherever I sailed. A rival pirate crew took umbrage and sunk our ship and now i'm shipwrecked! My short black velvet dress and thigh high socks are shredded and damp, I have no choice but to take my clothes off to reveal my kinky red lingerie. Oh dear looks like that's damp too, it will have to come off. At least this way I can catch the attention of any passing ships Wink


Keira Jasmine Jones - Friday 2nd September at 23.00 BST
[Image: tn_2.jpg]

FREE nude bath show

It's nearly time for bed but I want to relax and unwind first - would you like to join me? I'll start wearing a satin slip and sheer stockings, I'll slowly strip and tease you before slipping completely nude into a gorgeous hot bath. I'll soap up my entire body to make sure i'm nice and clean. Once i'm out of the bath i'll massage cream into my bare skin paying particular attention to my breasts and bum Wink This show is COMPLETELY FREE so you have no excuse not to come and join me in the bath!

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