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Red Light Central
How long did Red Light Rio actually broadcast for then? It seemed like it only had a very brief existence.
I will second those congratulations. 5 channels on Sky now and on Freeview and Freesat too. Smile
red light latinas has not been on for a week now, so maybe the channel has gone. the 934 channel is still broadcasting but showing a feed from one of the other red light channels
Yes the Latinas channel is finished. It didn't last that long but provided some variety while it did as it gave us something different to the other channels. The picture wasn't the best but it was just about OK, so on the whole I thought it was a good channel to have.
They have just got rid of the freeview channel, which is a shame, so it's down to just the satellite channels.
Yes their contract for the freeview channel has expired. It's possible they may return at some time, but it looks like they didn't want to renew at the current price, so it all depends on what freeview space becomes available and at what price. It doesn't look promising, but you never know something might be worked out to get them back.
Yes Red Light Latinas is finished now. It was OK while it lasted, which was longer at least than Red Light Rio.
Red Light and Playboy are still going strong, despite the loss of their freeview channel. Flicking through the channels at night I find very often that they seem to stand out from the other chat broadcasters.
I'm not convinced they'll be back on freeview, but you never know. Freeview is expensive, that's the problem, although Babestation manages to make a go of it.
Yes the Latinas channel offered some variety and for that reason it's a shame to lose it. I wonder if the picture was harming the channel as it wasn't the best and might have deterred some people from watching.