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Red Light Central
My favorites on Red Light are Kandi Kay and Amy Lu Bennett, plus new girl Rocha formerly of Babestation is a good addition. I haven't seen Rachel Taylor for a while, but she's another who's at the top of my list.
Rachel Taylor's always on! She's one of the Red Light stalwarts, along with the likes of Lucy Zara and Dannii Harwood. I've heard that Rachel often fills in for other girls, if they don't make their shifts for whatever reason.
I think Red Light Central and Playboy TV Chat have a lot more variety in their lineup than some people suggest. Remember they have girls like Shanti and Priya, Ella Jolie and Charlene Hart, Tammy Oldham etc.
Red Light has been very strong recently, good sets, good lighting, some top quality girls. I think most nights they have the best channels.
With 4 channels a night I'd say that Red Light is now the major channel. Studio 66 have 3 but aren't always using them and Babestation has 3. Plus Red Light has the first channel, 902 at the top of the list.
It says a lot for Red Light that someone like Yasmine James left and it didn't really affect them very much.
Now they've got Lilly Roma who starts on Saturday. She should be a good addition.
Red Light have lost a channel - Sky 932 has gone, leaving them with 3 channels now, 902, 910 and 913.
Just 2 channels for Red Light nowadays then. I see that Sky channel 913 has become another Playboy encrypted channel.
Red Light are being kicked off the EPG slots they rent (Sky 902 and Sky 930, because Xpanded have bought them from Playboy.