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Elite Nights
I'm not keen on the new name either, but realistically the channel name isn't going to matter very much.
Yes they were full of American guest stars a few weeks ago and suddenly they have all disappeared.
This is the original promo from when the American guests first appeared on the channel.

The Americans Are Coming
[Image: image-7D62_4EC5F43A.jpg]

The Americans Are Coming
I think most of the American guests have been pretty average really. I'm not excited by them at all. Alexis Texas was the pick of them. It was good to start with though, as it was something different to the usual fare.
I see Lilly Roma's back after a few weeks away. A good thing too as the channel seems to have been struggling a bit recently and has had the same few girls on all the time. Ashley Emma back too I see.
I think we've all got used to the new name now. What's more interesting is the lineups, as I'm not sure that this channel is going full steam ahead at the moment. The lineups seem to have gotten a bit stale.
I'm not sure why people sound a tad negative. I think Studio 66 has a real good mix of girls at the moment. I think the lineup's as strong as ever especially with the return of Lilly Roma and Ashley Emma. Smile
It looks like Studio 66 is starting a 40+ channel. By all accounts is going to be on Sky channel 927.
Golden Girls is the name of the 40+ channel. Studio 66 still has 4 other channels though, as before.
Golden Girls suggests 50+ to me and not 40+ but what's in a name? It's just a single presnter a night on that channel but it seems to be faring okay.