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Elite Nights
(27-01-2014, 03:00 AM)hugo diaz Wrote: Studio 66 still has 4 other channels though, as before.

No it's back to 3 channels. Studio 66 did start broadcasting on Sky channel 940, which seemed to be a replacement for channel 927, but it hasn't lasted very long and they are now back to just 912, 938 and 941.
Yes channel 940 didn't last long. It looks like all the former Bluebird channels have been allowed to disappear.
Channel 940 hasn't disappeared. It's been dropped by Studio 66 but will now be used by Golden Girls.
Yasmine James and Lucy Summers coming from the Red Light channels are good arrivals for Studio 66, although I thought Ella Mai going to Babestation was a big loss for them. Overall I think Studio 66 has been a bit stale lately - how about some new sets?
Hannah Martin is taking a break for a month, but Sophia Knight who only makes rare appearances these days will be on more than usual this month.
Studio 66 seems to have been a bit short of girls for the last couple of weeks. Where have they all been?
I don't know, but they have plenty of girls for daytime. Maybe they should use some of the Studio 66 day girls for the night shows?
Short of girls again tonight. Yasmine seems to have been on her own for hours.
I wonder if Studio 66 TV would consider dropping a channel. Often they don't use the 3 they have now.
They use all their sets on daytime (usually). It's only nights that they resort to simulcasting.