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Jenna Hoskins
[Image: image-864F_530BDF4F.jpg]

Babestation official site
[Image: image-9D26_50FDC688.jpg]

Wank It Now
[Image: image-3565_50F4A782.jpg]

Wank It Now
Only Tease presents Jenna Hoskins.

[Image: image-FF4D_4FF4AF27.jpg]

See the full gallery here at Only Tease.
[Image: image-58DD_530BE17B.gif]
Jenna Hoskins in WANK CALL.

[Image: image-B9D5_51393DFE.jpg]

See the videos at Wank It Now
Jenna Hoskins in IF YOU PAY THE BILL

[Image: image-A4A5_51B8963D.jpg]

See the videos at Wank It Now

Jenna Hoskins is yet another girl to leave Babestation recently and has gone to Studio 66, but it's probably because she wasn't on Babestation that often anyway. Babestation should have given her more shifts!
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