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BabestationX channel number
Following changes to the Freeview numbers, the channel number for Babestation Xtreme is now Freeview 95.
There is no channel 95 on my freeview. I understand it used to be channel 96 but I haven't got that either.
Freeview channel 95 is correct for Babestation Xtreme. In some areas of the country most of the freeview channels have moved due to the digital switchover from the old analogue TV. You need to scan for channels and that will fix the problem for you, but make sure you do a full scan rather than the "add channels" mode.
This is just a note to say that this thread has been renamed to replace Babestation Xtreme in the thread title with BabestationX. As everyone will know by now the Babestation Xtreme channel is no longer broadcast and has been replaced by BabestationX. The first broadcast date of BabestationX was 26 September.
From tomorrow the channel number for BabestationX will change from Freeview 95 to Freeview 174.
BabestationX has ceased transmitting on Freeview channel 174. The last Freeview transmission was on Thursday 18 July. BabestationX is expected to live on as a webshow, so in the future will only be broadcast online.
BabebstationX is back on freeview. The channel returns on 1 November and the channel number is the same as before, Freeview 174.