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Masti Nights is back
Never mind Shanti, there was no Masti Nights at all this week. Probably not axed as such, but I'd guess just short of girls. On Thursday the usual slot for Masti Nights was given over to Babestation Blue instead.
I gather from the lack of posts in this thread that Masti Nights isn't being broadcast anymore. Sad
when shanti stopped doing the night shows it was the beginning of the end, they were short of girls already and she made more appearances than anyone, so it was always going to be a big problem when she wouldn't do the nights anymore.
Masti Nights was kind of back this week, after what I think was 8 weeks away. I say kind of back because it was on the 908 channel which is now called Babestation All Stars, so the Masti name wasn't used at all.
who was on the show then? i didn't know masti had any girls left who were willing to do nights.
Aneesha and Shanti were on. It's good to see Shanti making a return to nights, but I can't see it becoming a regular thing.
It's good to have babe shows forum where we can see what happened to these shows. I always wondered what happened to Masti Nights, but I can see they never really had enough girls willing to do the night shows to keep it going. For the same reason it doesn't look as though Masti Nights will ever come back.