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Madison Rose
I looked at this channel today for the first time in a while and found Madison Rose on there. I always liked her on Babestation, so i'm regarding this move as Babestation's loss and Storm's gain. Heart
Madison Rose when she was on Babestation

[Image: image-5330_5275C0CE.jpg]

From the Babestation official site.
Madison's not been on Storm for a while but said she'd be back before the end of the year.
[Image: image-2788_52E5A45B.jpg]

From the Babestation official site.
I see that Madison has returned to Babestation. I had noticed that when she said she'd be back on TV she didn't say which channel she was going to be on, so I'm not surprised that she's no longer on Storm.
[Image: image-6BA4_5302CA72.jpg]

From the Babestation official site.
I notice this girl a lot more now than I used to. When she was on Babestation before I really didn't notice her at all, but since her return I think she's become one of Babestation's better girls.
I would agree with you, but obviously someone doesn't because Maddie now only appears on Babestation Daytime.
7 August -

[Image: z7M7MLZ-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.25-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: e0hM2xb-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.26-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: ZaLaZ2j-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.26-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: u9weENL-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.26-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: r6yh3Ae-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.27-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: GM4kDbx-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.27-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: 5POVpav-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.27-PM...zed_tn.png][Image: FSV0SIU-Screen-Shot-08-07-14-at-11.28-PM...zed_tn.png]
[Image: 1487h] [Image: 1487i] [Image: 1487j] [Image: 1487k] [Image: 1487l] [Image: 1487m] [Image: 1487n] [Image: 1487o]

[Image: 1487q]